Free Address Change Service

Getting ready for moving day and looking to forward your mailing address for free? You have come to the right place! Free Address Change makes the address filing process simple and free! USPS offers an address filing process on their website, but it requires a fee and inputting your credit card information. With the form, you just fill out the form and submit it – no need for credit card information and no processing fees. Our site is fully secured with data encryption so all the information you submit is safe.

Using Free Address Change is a breeze!

  1. Fill out your address information
  2. Select from the optional free utility connections
  3. Submit your address for filing

Free Address Change eliminates the need for you to pay the $1 fee the United States Post Office requires to process your address change. Use our mailing address forwarding service makes one of the many tasks required to move into a new home much simpler and you can make the change quickly from your home on any computer or mobile device. There is no catch, simply fill out the form above and we will do the rest!

No payment is required to use Free Address Change services. So if you need to change your mailing address before your move, Free Address Change can take care of it at no charge.

Why use Free Address Change?

  • Our service is 100% free
  • No Credit Card Information Required
  • SSL Secured, Easy to use form

When it comes to providing personal information online, you want to know that your information stays safe. That is why our site uses SSL encryption to keep your data secured and out of the hands of hackers.

Free Utility Connections

When it’s time to move into a new home, there are many details to iron out prior to move-in day. We can take on some of those tasks for you! When you fill out your address information above, you have the option of selecting from our additional services. These are also free to use and ensure that you move in to a fully connected home. Just fill out the form to get started!